The 2010s • A Festival and some extras

The Friends of Bayreuth celebrate the 70th anniversary with a festive concert in the Margravial Opera House.

To the present day, the support of the Friends for the Festival operations and their investments in the Festspielhaus and its technical installations constitute a pillar of the Bayreuth Festival. Since the Society was founded, the contributions and donations of more than 13,000 individuals have raised a total of roughly 142 million Euros for the Bayreuth Festival.

Every year, members from all over the world are gathering at events organised by the Friends of Bayreuth. Since 2010, the Friends of Bayreuth, in cooperation with the Richard Wagner Scholarship Foundation, have enabled young artists from a variety of artistic fields to attend the Bayreuth Festival.

Some extras to the regular programme have since been established: On the occasion of Richard Wagner’s 200th birthday, the early works Rienzi, Das Liebesverbot and Die Feen have been staged in the Bayreuth Oberfrankenhalle in 2013. After some live broadcasts for public viewing, the latest production is now broadcast every year to chosen multiplex cinemas.

Die Rheintöchter in der Kinderoper 2018, Regie: David Merz

The children’s opera initiated by Katharina Wagner is now a regular item of the Festival Summer, and the Bayreuth Discourse series enriches the Festival Summer with concerts, symposia and premieres.

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Apart from that, the Festival, and hence our Society, is occupied with the general refurbishment of the Festspielhaus, for which the first financing agreement was signed in 2013. We report on the huge enterprise in our construction diary.

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