5. August 2012 • with David E. Dodge

David E. Dodge


Today we meet one of the „dinosaurs“ in Bayreuth — 

but if only a dinosaur was so lovely!

David E. Dodge has spent his summers in Bayreuth since the early 1960ies.  

We meet two days after the premiere of the latest „Hollander“ production which David thinks is very well done.

Bayreuth, Wagner, The Grüner Hügel – what does it mean to him?

Remembering so many various productions, of which he would say he could find „his Wagner“ in it?

David E. Dodge himself is as well a composer and an architect – what about Wagner’s relationship with architecture?

That leads us to the question, why only a few architects have copied the way Bayreuth’s Festspielhaus was designed …

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